Updated 19/11/2021

raised on earth is the website of Robert Stephen (the 'me/I' in this privacy policy). I reside in the UK.

This page explains the ways in which your personal data is collected during the use of this website and through your online interactions with me. The information found here is subject to change and is periodically updated as indicated at the top the page.

Data automatically collected when accessing and using this website

IP address, request data & time, page requested, HTTP code, bytes served, user agent (e.g. type of web browser & device), referrer (e.g. where you linked to the website from)

This data is collected and stored by the web host as standard practice (access/error logs) to improve the security and reliability of their servers. This data is also used to populate anonymized website statistics which are kept for an indefinite period of time.

The web host currently used is Infomaniak but this may change at any time.

No cookies or trackers are used on this website.

Data actively submitted/shared by you

Email communication data includes any data inherent to or contained in email communications e.g. your email address, subject line, correspondence dates and times, message content and any other voluntarily supplied information. This data is usually collected by your email provider when an email is sent and stored by my email host when recieved. Email communication data may be used to fulfil or respond to your query and may be kept indefinitely as a record of communication.

Payment/donation transaction data includes any data provided in the process of making a payment/donation e.g. name, email address, delivery/billing address and card details. This data is collected and stored by whichever third-party payment provider is being used to make the transaction and is subject to their own privacy policy (see relevant policies on the providers platform/website when making a payment/donation). Transaction data is shared with me through my account with the payment provider and kept as stated in the providers privacy policy or as required by law. Contact details provided as part of a transaction may be used to contact you to discuss or fulfil any request relating to your payment. Credit card details are never shared in their entirety with me.

Email subscription data (email address only) is collected and stored by whichever third-party newsletter provider is being used (this may change after you have subscribed). Tracking (email opens & link clicks) is disabled to minimise data collection and better protect your privacy. You can unsubscribe at any time by following the link at the bottom of any email update.


You can write to me if you have any questions or wish to find out more about where your data is being stored and which third-party services are currently in use.